Adrian Sudbury

Adrian Sudbury, lives in the UK, has an incredibly rare type of leukemia…in fact, he has been told that he is the only person in the world to have been diagnosed with this exact condition.  Today is Adrian’s 27th birthday.  He passed away last night.

Although it is too late for a bone marrow transplant to save him, Adrian wants to make a lasting difference for years to come. He is attempting to make it compulsory for 16-17 year olds in the UK to receive education about bone marrow, blood and organ donation at college by taking on the government and the media. Having already had meetings with the Prime Minister and having been on TV and radio, Adrian has set up a Petition (UK residents only may sign) with well over 8000 signatures to date.  You can read more about his campaign and all of the other wonderful things Adrian has done here.

Please join me in praying for his family as they deal with his death.  Reading his blog was such an inspiration to me and many others.  I believe he lived his life as God intended; giving Him the glory, and doing all he could to help others through his illness.