Thank You

I just wanted to take a moment to say ‘THANK YOU’ for all the thoughts, prayers, and phone calls of concern for John yesterday and last night. 

He called me last night to tell me that a bunch of the people he worked with had gotten together and to provide a dinner for him.  His supervisor from the first shift came back and took him into the break room where he found tables set up with table cloths and a spread of food you can not imagine.  They made him feel so good and so appreciated.  One of the women he works with, even bought a disposible camera for him to take pictures of the night.  When we get them developed, I will try to post one or two.

He and I both were so overwhelmed by the outpour of love an appreciation.  If any of you guys are reading this, as I know some of you do, thank you so much for caring for John.  You are a special group of people and you will be so missed.  We hope and pray that God will cover you with His blessings. 




Most of you know that John has worked at his job for almost 20 years.  A month or so ago, they told them they were shutting down the plant.  This has been very difficult for all of us, but especially for him.  I can say I understand how he feels, but really I can’t.  The longest I have been at one job was 8 years.  Leaving was difficult, but the choice to leave was my own.  It is much more difficult when you like the job you are doing, you like to company you work for, and they tell you they are closing and you have to leave.

Today is his last day at Fawn.  Tonight, he will be loading up his tool box, shutting down all the machines and locking up the plant for the last time.  Change is good and this is obviously what God has planned for him, but it is really tough and my heart aches for him.  This company has been through so many things with us as a family.  They know all about our family and what happens with Nick.  They have been thorugh it all with us.  They have been there for us when times were difficult.  When Nicholas was diagnosed and in the hospital for 30 days, they worked with him when his vacation time ran out.  They have become our extended family.  It’s not common for a person to be able to say that about an employer these days.

So today, my thoughts are with and on him.  He has been blessed with another job that he begins full time on Monday and we are so thankful to God for that.  John has always put his family first – no matter how difficult the choice or what he had to do without.  I pray that only good things come for him with his new job.  I pray that God blesses him in a mighty way – he deserves it. 

I love you John.