Where is the Love?

This summer at camp with the youth, we all fell in love with one of the songs they played during their skits.  There is more than one verson if it, but this one has the words.  It is an awesome message of how we should look to the Lord for guidance about the path that the world is taking today.  The youth really took to it and I thought it was great.  I hope you will watch the whole thing and pay particular attention to the words.  It is sung by the Black Eyed Peas.


We Reap What We Sow

Sunday, in church, Pastor Roy finished the book of Galations.  I love how he does that – teaching from a book in the Bible.  He talked about reaping what we sow and how when we sow in the flesh, we will reap in the flesh, but if we sow in the Spirit, we will reap in the Spirit.  It was a great message.  He talked about Paul’s message that there is a Principle, a Precept, and a Promise that we should follow and believe in.  Paul was telling us how to live in the Grace of God. 

The Principle: To remain faithful. Now that we have been told and given good things, we should share those good things.  We need to remain on track.

The Precept:  We have a partnership in life.  Because the teacher has taught us the truth, we have a relationship with that teacher and should share our lives.

The Promise:  Eternal Life.  Paul gives us the promise of eternal life with God.  We should be willing to share our treasures and gifts from God with everyone, especially those in our family of believers.  We should not give up – we should not grow weary.

When I was growing up, (Roy talked about this too) my mama always told us that “we reap what we sow” and I always took it in a negative way, meaning that if you do bad things, you will reap the consequences.  While I believe that is true, I have come to learn that when we sow good, we reap good as well.  I think a great example of this is our children.  When we teach them about God’s truths and about His purpose for our lives, we reap the benefits of that teaching in that we see them grow and mature in Christ. 

When we sow a good walk with God, we reap a great reward in Heaven.  Believing in Him, having faith in Him, developing a relationship with Him is sowing good seeds in life.