Feeling Better

Things are getting back to normal around here and I am feeling better, so I thought I needed to post a final word on the happenings of the last few days.  I am not sorry to say that those days are behind me.

The one, most important thing that I take away from the last few days is, that I owe all of my good news, health, and blessings to God my Father.  Without knowing that He was here for me this week – above all – there is no telling where I would be at this moment. 

I also want to say thank you to all of you for keeping me steadfast in my faith.  I am thankful that God has given me such great friends and family – especially my mama and Jamie.  There’s nothing like love and support from your mama, and needed, encouraging words from your best friend. 

After all has been said and done, the final word at this point is this:  In the exact words of the doctor, my heart is perfect.  There are absolutely no blockages, sludge, build up or anything.  This is great news.  He says there is no damage to my heart and that the reported heart attack during the stress test was merely spasms in my veins and arteries on the front wall of my heart.  That may be, but God could have healed it.  I will never NOT believe that is a possibility.

As far as the passing out thing, I have no idea.  The doctor seems to think it was a combination of getting up too soon, being dehydrated, and hyperventilating.  After a couple of hours on the oxygen and getting more fluids, I was fine.  I was in some pretty good pain that night and yesterday, but today, I am feeling much better and the pain in minimal.  I am sleeping better than I have in weeks.

So now that we have ruled out the heart issue, they have to determine what is causing the chest pain – which I am still having.  They say it could be digestive related – like reflux, or it could be anxiety.  I have a follow up with my regular doctor on the 27th, but I think I should make an earlier appointment to go ahead and get back on my meds that I was taking for the depression and anxiety. 

So that’s where things stand right now.  I just have to behave myself and heal so I can go back to work on Monday.  What a way to end the summer.  Again, thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, comments and visits to the hospital.  I love you guys.  And to those who have come to read and comment from out there in the blogosphere – thank you so much for the encouraging words and the scriptures you have shared.  It just makes you feel so good inside to know that you have all those prayers going up for you and your words are so helpful in times of the fearful unknown.


Not Home

Well it seems that today took a weird turn of events.  I had gotten up, gone to the bathroom and walked down the hall.  The nurse told me that I was ok to get dressed so I could go home.  She had even removed my IV.  I went to get up off the bed and something in my incision area popped and I was in severe pain.  I continued to try to get up so I could see if my leg had just turned in a bad way when I started to feel sick to my stomach.  I got very dizzy and the next thing I know, I was laying on the bed, 5 or 6 people were standing over me calling my name.   I had a nasal canula in my nose with 2 liters of oxygen running, my arms and hands were tingly, and I couldn’t breathe.

I had passed out.  I don’t remember anything that happened.  Mama and Brian say that I was white as a sheet.  They will have to give more details about all that.  The nurse said that I scared her to death.  I had to have another IV placed and they put me on fluids.  Mama said that the doctor thought I was dehydrated so they wanted me on fluids for two hours.  I could eat supper and they would try to get me up again to go home.  She says if I’m not ready, they won’t send me home.

Brian was very upset.  He thinks they had tried to get me up too early.  That’s probably true.  So now I am at the end of my two ours of fluids.  I have been to the bathroom and I am feeling much better.  Brian says that I look much better.  So I guess they are going to get me up to walk and try to get me ready to go home.  What a day!  I have never felt like that before – I have never passed out before.  Weird.

So hopefully I will get to go home soon?  We’ll see when I get up.  I will post if anything changes.

Thanks for the love today and the prayers.