I’m Not Dead

Hey everybody.  Even in the hospital, I can find my way back to you.  Thank you Brian!  I love you!!!!!

I was admitted to Nash General Hospital (Room 371 South) for observation and they are going to do a stress test tomorrow just in case, but this is the word:  I have not had a heart attack.  The doctor says that my EKG is fine, all my blood work is fine.  There does not seem to be a problem with my heart, however I was just given a shot that they said was a blood thinner.  So who knows.  The doctor says that my depression and anxiety have been the cause of all my pains.  I have to stay calm.  HA!  Well, I do.  I got upset on the cell phone this afternoon and they took it away from me.  I got it back. 

They gave me some torodol and adavan through my IV, a nitro pill under my tongue, and I am wearing a nitro patch.  My chest pain is almost completely gone, but the nitro has given me a HUGE headache.  Of course I know God was and is here the whole time and I could feel His pulling at my heart to give everything to Him.  I am so thankful to be here on this earth with all you fine people. 

So I am fine for now.  It is going to take some rewiring in my head.  Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, phone calls, and emails.  I love you all.  I’ll post more when I know more.