Count Your Blessings

With everything our family goes through, it is not hard to count and be thankful for our blessings.  I’m not perfect so obviously there are days when I don’t think about my blessings as much as I should.  When Nicholas is in the hospital up at UNC, like he is now, those blessings are more prominant in my mind than ever.

I struggle with leaving Nicholas alone in the hospital for long lengths of time.  Our time is so precious with him and I am very over protective.  I also know that things can happen unexpectedly and I am too anal to want to miss it. 🙂

I was supposed to leave here on Tuesday night so I could go to work on Wednesday and return Friday afternoon.  The teacher and my supervisor told me I shouldn’t worry; that I needed to be here with Nick, so I stayed.  I do have to go home Thursday for a doctors appointment that I cannot miss so I will be leaving him Thursday and will return on Friday.  UGH!!!  But I feel better that it will only be a day.

I say all this because of what I see up here.  I am so blessed that I have the option to be able to stay.  There is a little baby here that has had to stay without her mom.  She is an only child.  Her mom is alone because her husband is in Iraq.  The mom works fulltime and she is going to school.

Over the years, there have been children, and babies, that have been left here alone, but it was the choice of the parent.  Some parents choose to leave and stay at the Ronald McDonald House.  I just don’t understand.  You have parents here – like Christian – who would love to be able to stay with her baby all night, and then you have those parents that don’t seem to care.

People, please, if you have a healthy child, be thankful.  If they have an illness, like Nicholas and Lily, be thankful that it is not worse than it is.  It could ALWAYS be worse.  Count your blessings.  Be thankful for what the Lord has given you.

There is a reason for everything I always say, so I guess there is a reason why I have to see these things.  Maybe I have to see these things to be able to remember that I need to count my blessings – to be thankful for what I have been given.  I am who I am because of the life I am living.  I would hate to see what my life would be like if I didn’t have the trials that I have.  It is because of the trials in my life, and the fact I know that I have my Savior to hold me along the way that I am able to endure.  Just my thoughts for the day…


Update on Amie

Mama called me a little while ago.  We are not going to Duke tomorrow.  They are going to take Amie off the respirator.  The doctor is not sure how long she will be able to last after they remove it, but he is sure she cannot breathe on her own.  Amie has fought a long hard fight and tomorrow may be the last day of her life.  If it is, we all will be at peace knowing that she lived life to the fullest of her abilities that she embraced her life in every way she possibly could.  She knows we all love her and we know she loves us.  This is so hard for me because not only am I losing someone I love, I am losing her to cystic fibrosis…  UGH!!  I have to take refuge in the fact when she does take her last breath, that she will not be in anymore pain, she will not have to take any more medicine, she will not have to have someone pound on her anymore.  She will be in God’s safe arms, in His presence.  I pray to God for peace for her and all of the family.