This morning at 4:38 am, Amie passed away to a better place with God our Father.  She was 29 years old.  You can read more posts here.

Last Sunday, we received a call that Amie was taken to the hospital and she was having difficulty breathing.  I haven’t posted because it has just been unbearable to think about what we are going through now – the knowledge that we were not going to have her here for much longer.  The doctor said all they could do was keep her comfortable and wait.  I had a million questions.  She was not a candidate for a lung transplant.  There was nothing else they could do. 

My mama, daddy, brother, and I went to Kinston where she was to see her.  It was wonderful to see her, but it was so hard.  Hard because she is my sister and hard because she has cystic fibrosis.  I had to gown up, glove up, mask up so I would not take anything home to Nicholas.  It was amazing to see the outpouring of love that surrounded her through her family, friends, and staff at the hospital.  They all loved her.  And why not?  She was a huge bundle of happiness that always looked at the positive side of things.  She was being so brave.  She was on alot of pain medication, but my heart lept as she responded to my voice.  It seemed to give her a peace that just melted me.   

Please pray for her family.  Her daddy was not able to be there with her through all this.  He had gone through a kidney transplant not too long ago and was unable to take the chance of rejecting it.  This is going to be so hard on them. 

I thank you all for praying for me and my family through all of this.  It is a unique situation that I am so glad to have lived through.  I thank God for putting Amie in my life and allowing me to see His greatness through her and her life.  Please pray that the doctors on this earth will find a cure for cystic fibrosis soon so we, and others like us, don’t ever have to see this day.


Here We Go

Ok – so the doctor’s office is booked up today and tomorrow.  The doctor said that the symptoms I am having sound serious.  Everything needs to be dealt with, but problems with my heart need to be ruled out first.  So I have to go to the emergency room – this is what I wanted to avoid.

I will let you guys know what is going on as soon as I can.  Pray…