Where is the Love?

This summer at camp with the youth, we all fell in love with one of the songs they played during their skits.  There is more than one verson if it, but this one has the words.  It is an awesome message of how we should look to the Lord for guidance about the path that the world is taking today.  The youth really took to it and I thought it was great.  I hope you will watch the whole thing and pay particular attention to the words.  It is sung by the Black Eyed Peas.


Getting Ready to Go!

Well, for the most part I am packed and ready to go.  As a female, there are just some things you can’t pack until the last minute, ya know?

I will be spending the week down at beautiful Oak Island with the youth of my church.  I love to go to Fort Caswell – I’m a HUGE history nerd and this place is so awesome.  Not to mention, the Caswell experience is just one you can’t put into words.  Thousands of youth groups, from all over the country, come to Caswell every year and it is most definitely worth the trip.  AND I love the youth.  I guess they keep me young and I just love them to death.  We have a great group going this year – it’s the youngest group we’ve had to go.

I’m taking my laptop, so if I’m able to get online, I will post the skinny on what is happening!  If not, I’ll make sure I put up pictures after we get back on Saturday.  😉